How it works

Last Wish is devoted to safeguarding your memories and ensuring your last wishes are clear and accessible by your loved ones. It’s built on three very simple principles: your last wishes, your last wish beneficiaries and your final arrangements.


Once you register, create your account and pay a nominal annual fee of $9.99, you’ll be guided through a simple process to record the following:

Last Wishes

Say what you’ve always wanted to -- or reinforce what you’ve always said — to your friends, family and loved ones by leaving messages that include your fondest memories, cherished pictures and heartfelt thoughts and feelings.


Your beneficiaries are people to whom you leave last wishes, typically friends, family members and others who have had a significant impact on your life and legacy.

There are two types of last wish beneficiaries: Friends, family members or others who have significantly impacted your life that receive goodbye messages with your last wishes for them, and also the person (or people) you designate to carry out your desires for your final arrangements. Once you set up your beneficiaries, they will be notified by email that you are thinking of them and should anything happen to you, they will receive last wishes from you. Your final arrangement beneficiary will get a message that specifically says you have entrusted them with this honor and responsibility.

Final Arrangements

This is where you let your designated beneficiary (or beneficiaries) know your desire for how you’d like to be interred and memorialized. These final considerations include if you want to be buried or cremated, if you have eulogy requests, the religious tradition(s) you prefer and so on. The more details you share, the more guesswork you take out of a process that otherwise can be devastating, confusing and complicated.

You can update your last wishes and beneficiaries as often as you’d like.

When the day comes that you’ve passed on, it is a simple process to “unlock” your last wishes. It simply requires a proof of death (i.e. a certificate) to initiate the distribution of your last wishes.

About Last Wish

Last Wish is dedicated to preserving your legacy with a secure, easy to use website. Safely record and store your last wishes, leave messages for friends, family and loved ones and enlist trusted beneficiaries to receive your final desires and address your last considerations after you pass away.
We understand how challenging it is to deal with the thought of not being able to express your last wishes, so our platform makes it as simple, convenient and affordable as possible to record and preserve them in a secure location.
For less than the cost of taking a friend out for lunch once a year, you buy yourself peace of mind and leave an invaluable gift to your loved ones: clear instructions on how you want your life and legacy honored, as well as a chance to leave meaningful goodbyes for those you care about most.
Please note that Last Wish is meant to safeguard the most precious thing of all: your memories. It is not a replacement for a legal document, such as a will or estate plan, nor is it a repository for things like financial accounts information, passwords, insurance policy details or the like.

Don’t wait. Last Wish is your chance to leave any final message to anyone who you love.